Florian Moshammer is a photographer and videographer based in Vienna, Austria.

While a huge part of his work consists of collaborating and portraying artists of various
branches, lately he focuses more and more on exploring the world of theatre and dance. 

“In capturing a particular moment of a movement, an encounter or a detail of a body, and in
tracing the interplay of movement, light and architecture, Florian Moshammer penetrates beyond
the documentary image into the structures and hidden details of dance. In doing so he finds a
visualisation of intermediate tones and an abstraction of the visible.” - Vienna State Ballet

His artistic sensibility and vision has been an asset to many other artists, where his
creative direction is a significant part of their stories. Working closely with these
artists has also given his work a very intimate, and at the same light-hearted
insight into his very special own world.

In 2021, for his first exhibition ever he collaborated with Leica and showed an excerpt
of his work in Moscow, Russia.

Selected Clients:
Vienna State Ballet, Vienna State Opera, Vienna Volksoper, Universal Music, Sony Music,
Rudi Gernreich, Calvin Klein, Nike, Zadig&Voltaire

2020-2021 / West.Eyes.Effect by Leica / Moscow, RUS