Florian Moshammer is a photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Specializing in artist portraiture, he has recently shifted his focus towards dance and now collaborates with both companies and individual artists in the industry.

“By capturing specific moments in movement, encounters, or details of the body, and by examining the interplay between movement, light, and architecture, Florian Moshammer delves beyond the documentary image and uncovers the underlying structures and hidden details of dance. In this way, he visualizes the subtle nuances and abstracts the visible”
    - Vienna State Ballet

In 2021, for his first exhibition ever he collaborated with Leica and showed an excerpt of his work in Moscow, Russia.

Selected Clients:
Vienna State Ballet, Vienna State Opera, Vienna Volksoper, Universal Music,
Sony Music, Rudi Gernreich, Calvin Klein, Nike, Zadig&Voltaire

2020-2021 / West.Eyes.Effect by Leica / Moscow, RUS